John’s Ball Bidding Bonanza Begins

Four pairs of tickets for John’s Ball have been put on Ebay for charity auction, with the committee announcing all sorts of treats for this year’s guests.

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A global charity auction of four pairs of John’s May Ball tickets has recently started, as the college looks to raise thousands of pounds for various not-for-profit organizations.

Tickets for John’s ball are only sold internally within the college – not on general release – so the sale of the tickets on Ebay represents a chance for the public to get their hands on a pair, with no restriction on who can bid.

Aside from the obvious appeal of helping charities out, the attraction lies with the ball’s reputation. It has previous been ranked ‘7th Best Party in the World’ by Time Magazine, and is well known for luxury and big name performers.

2011 Ball President Dom Collingwood promises this year’s bash to be bigger and better too, telling The Tab: “for the college’s 500th anniversary things are going to be just a cut above the rest.” Highlights (without even naming the headline acts) include a prize-draw for an all expenses paid trip to Paris and the launch of a brand new drink from a “premium London distillery.”

This year’s committee aim to smash the success of last year’s Ball.

Two sets of tickets are being auctioned in support of SOS Children’s Villages, with one pair each for the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and The Chenobyl Children’s Trust respectively.

The combined starting costs of the four pairs of tickets total nearly £1700, meaning people will be paying more than original retail price for their chance to experience the ball. And with between nine and ten days to go on before the internet auction closes too, those prices are expected to soar as the bidding hots up.

Collingwood commented: “We’ve already raised well over £3500 and we’d be delighted to see that double in this auction. We hope that people bid generously knowing that they’re not only grabbing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for themselves, but also contributing to the lives of people for whom this money is of such greater value.”

To bid for the tickets visit the 3 auctions – for 2 pairs of tickets click here, one pair with fast track and a champagne reception click here and one pair with formal breakfast included, click here.

You can follow the last day’s coverage live on The Tab to watch the action unfold.

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