Cam All Ye Faithful?

Cambridge has been named as the 6th least festive city in the UK, with Oxford only one place below.

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Research has revealed that Cambridge is the 6th LEAST festive city in the UK.

Cam was named and shamed in a study, which was carried out by Sainsbury’s. The study looked at the average amount of money spent on Christmas decorations, cards, and lights of 3,000 households across the country.

This year’s Christmas lights were switched on by celebrity guests Princes and Rogues, straight out of X Factor.

Liverpool was found to be the nation’s most festive city. Scousers send more Christmas cards than any residents of any other city, and are more likely to have a real tree than a plastic one.

The average household in Liverpool spends a mammoth £304 on Crimbo decorations, compared with a meagre £189.34 for Cambridge families.

Brighton houses Britain’s biggest scrooges, with the average household spending just £124 on decorations.

Oxford was found to be the 7th least festive city. It perhaps comes as no surprise that both Cambridge and Oxford have ranked so low on the festive scale, as almost all the student population leave for the festive period.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “The top five cities listed in this poll are all Northern, so it seems Southerners have a lot to live up to in the festive stakes.”