YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Three

This week, YouTube Video of the Week brings you a man-Wookie hybrid and a child who ought never to have been born.

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Wookie Wail

American television shows can always be counted on for ridiculous displays of over-emotion. Watching this video, I thought that the first part, the whimpering, the contorted face, the painfully stuttered,  “I still LOVE YOU!!” was the punch line. And then it becomes something so much better. Why does this man sound like a Wookie? Why doesn’t anybody laugh when his Wookie cry bursts forth? I honestly thought he was trying to psych everybody else out, venting like a fog horn as a means of mocking the pathetic melodrama. But no. He just has a really weird way of crying.


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Another obscene display of emotion, but this time with a helpful and thought-provoking message at the end. We’ve all seen that heinous child running around the shops, terrorising staff and old people, biting people’s legs, urinating on shelves, and generally making you want to petition the government for post-natal abortion. All the while, the parent looks on either with helplessness or, most enraging of all, pride at their child’s freedom of spirit. Well, no more. These children, and the useless people who spawned them, must disappear from the shops – nay, the world. Wear condoms, future bad parents. In fact, just don’t have sex. Ever. Just in case.