Cambridge: Officially Better Than Lidl

Cambridge University edges out Lidl to become the second most prestigious brand in the UK

Cambridge brand Decision Technology Lidl Mercedes Benz prestigious


In a recent survey, Cambridge University has come second to Mercedes-Benz as the UK’s ‘most prestigious’ brand of 2009. 

Over 1,400 people took part in the online survey conducted by Decision Technology in association with the University of Warwick. 


Participants chose between 45 adjectives to best describe companies and organisations. The study aimed to find the most honest, innovative, prestigious, powerful, and green brands of 2009. 


Mercedes-Benz, Cambridge University and BMW make up the top three most prestigious brands. Least prestigious brands include Lidl, Primark and The Sun. 


The study has also seen the Lib-Dem Party billed as the ‘least powerful’ brand. The British Army came third, losing out to Tesco and Microsoft in the power stakes.


The study used techniques borrowed from experimental psychology. 


Prestigious brands were associated with words such as ‘luxurious’ and ‘high status’. In total, the personality of 120 companies and organisations were rated. 


Other than Cambridge University, no other universities were part of the survey.  


But we still know we're better than Oxford!