Bristol student gets 10 per cent discount at The White Bear for getting a huge tattoo of logo

That’s a whopping 24p off every pint, definitely worth getting a life long tattoo

What links lads, booze and legendary banter together? Shit tattoos.

I’m sure we have all overheard these conversations: “Mate I was soo binned when I got it. It’s SpongeBob with his knob out. All the boys got them. So jokes.”

Third year Bristol University law student Gus is actually an exception to this rule. He got a stick and poke tattoo of the logo of The White Bear pub, on St Michael’s Hill when he was stone cold sober.

We’ll give you the details, and let you decide if the fact that this was a thought out decision makes him a better or worse bloke than the pissed-up rugby lads getting tattoos in Marbs with the boys.

It all started with a failed job application to the White Bear, Gus’ local pub. His main incentive for applying was the infantilising 10 per cent staff discount which would be his, if only he could secure the bag.

When he was denied a job by Ed, the manager of the pub (no idea why), like a true law student, he found a loophole. He proposed the idea of getting a tattoo of the logo of the pub, a White Bear, in order to get the same staff discount with no pint pulling involved. It’s real life product placement so the pair shook on it.

A completely sober stick and poke session ensued. Gus reassured us that the stick and poke kit was already in his house, and his housemate Luigi was the tattoo artist, so zero expense spared. Always good to cut costs where you can, especially on a huge permanent tattoo on your leg.

Luigi got fed up and left halfway, so Gus had to do the second half of the bear himself. Sober and alone. What a bleak image. See if you can tell which side he did himself.

Ultimately Gus was successful. He can now stroll into the White Bear and get 10 per cent discount every time, after getting out the terrifying silhouette of a bear, which is obvious if you look closely, and squint a bit.

That’s a whopping 24p off every pint, for about six months before the lease of his house is up and The White Bear is no longer his local.

So rather than a pissed up decision on the town, Gus’ calculated money saving venture is a solemn lesson that, although times are hard, there are always ways to get a discount. Has it really come to this?

And, in the future if you ever find yourself relying on a lawyer with a large mammal etched on his thigh to fight your case in court, run for the hills or just turn yourself in.

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