Reclaim These Streets vigil organised for Sarah Everard this Saturday on College Green

The police have said that these vigils are ‘unlawful’

A vigil for Sarah Everard, the woman who went missing last week in Clapham, will be taking place this Saturday at 6pm on College Green.

The event is part of many #ReclaimTheseStreets vigils being coordinated across the country from Birmingham to Newcastle.

The organisers of the original vigil in Clapham Common have said the event is intended to “honour Sarah and numerous other women’s lives”.

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On March 3rd Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, went missing in Clapham whilst walking home from a friends house at 9:00pm. A Metropolitan police officer was arrested and is being questioned on suspicion of murder and kidnap.

Human remains were discovered in woodland near Ashford, Kent, on Wednesday but detectives have not yet been able to confirm their identity.

The police have told organisers of the Clapham Common event that the vigil is “unlawful” and are threatening to prosecute organisers under the Serious Crimes Act for violating Covid and social distancing regulations.

The organisers have said that the event is needed to “channel the collective grief, outrage and sadness in our community”. They have raised £37,270 on a crowdfunding site to cover legal costs and if they win their case have promised to donate the money to a women’s charity.

Organisers have requested that attendees wear masks and practice social distancing. They have asked that those with Covid-19 symptoms do not attend.

Featured image: Reclaim The Night march in 2019

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