Thousands sign petition to let Motion carry on without having to turn the volume down

Motion want future residents of the area to be warned about how loud the club is

Over 11,000 people have signed a petition calling for Motion to be allowed to continue without turning the volume down, as plans to build homes in the surrounding area put the club under threat.

Motion are calling for a “Deed of Easement”, which would mean people moving into the area are warned about how loud things can get.
Developers hoping to build homes have opposed the bid, arguing it would devalue their land.

The main discussion point in meetings between the local council and developers has been ‘the agent of change principle.’ This principle underlines that the person or business introducing a new site is responsible for managing the impact of change.

The developers responsible for the new homes would have to alter their buildings to accommodate Motion, by including measures such as acoustically sealed windows. This would avoid any changes on Motion’s part, as they were established over a decade ago.

However, after assessing similar cases with other UK nightclubs, Motion believe this principle is not powerful enough. They have declared that they require a “Deed of Easement”, so that “future residents will know in advance about any inconvenience they might experience from being located close to a cultural hub and music venue.”.

Motion said: “Venues and clubs across the country have come under threat in these situations, with new residents moving in and complaining about noise, including other challenges that come with the nighttime economy such as getting people to and from the venue.

“Our nightlife is precious and in short supply for many reasons and how we preserve this is very challenging.

“The Agent of Change is great in both principle and theory, and we have confidence that it would be carried out diligently. However, this would not guarantee the current noise levels would be able to continue legally as they are.”

You can find out more and sign the petition here

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