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UoB is booking flights to bring students back from the Hong Kong protests

There are 15 students currently studying and working in Hong Kong

The University of Bristol will book flights home for its 15 students students currently studying and working in Hong Kong, should they wish to return. This follows a surge in violence on university campuses in Hong Kong after 6 months of escalating mass protests in the city.

Many other universities with students in Hong Kong, such as Birmingham University, Nottingham University, Sheffield University and Warwick University have also encouraged their students to return.

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A University of Bristol spokesperson said that the safety of students and teachers are their top priority: “Like many other UK universities, we do have a small number of students currently studying and living in Hong Kong.

“We have stayed in close contact with them since they went to Hong Kong in September and have been monitoring the situation carefully. Given the increase in the protests in recent days we have proactively offered to repatriate all our students.

"We will provide ongoing support to students if they wish to stay in Hong Kong. Flights are being booked for students who wish to return and staff will work with them to identify options for the rest of their year to ensure there is no detrimental impact on their studies as a result. Our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and travelling staff.”

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Among the universities arranging flights back to the UK is Edinburgh University. One of the students spoke to The Edinburgh Tab about his experience and said: 'The irony is the police are more dangerous than the protesters that have taken over the area – we've been speaking to (the protesters) all day and they don't want violence, but legitimate protection. The police are not seen as neutral.'

Although this student insists he still feels 'completely safe', another believes their University made the right choice: 'The situation here is really bleak, and it unfortunately feels like it will get worse before it gets any better.'