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Whiteladies Road is currently under water

Good luck if you’re walking home!

At 16:15 today, a huge flood was reported at the bottom of Whiteladies Road, forcing pedestrians to jump over walls in order to carry on with their journeys.

Ben Bloch, a passerby who fell victim to the splashing tides of the flood told The Bristol Tab: "It seems like the water is coming from the corner of Whiteladies and Belgrave Road, where BBC Bristol is.

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"There were parents with pushchairs, older people, uni students, grammar school students, a whole mix of people who didn’t know what to do as both sides were totally flooded. Those on the younger side took to jumping over the walls. It was either that, or wet feet!

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The road is covered in brown, rushing water

"People were crossing the road where there was no crossing, which is was really dangerous. Also, no sign of any workers trying to stop the leak!" Ben said.

Ben also gave some advice to those planning on walking home: "Honestly, get the bus, there is not pavement either side. My feet are absolutely soaked!"