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‘Trust is hard’: Five relationship tips from Love Island’s Jordan Hames

…Who did not find love and is also single


At Pryzm, on Monday, Jordan Hames gave an exclusive interview with The Bristol Tab, revealing his top tips for any budding relationships.

But bear in mind, this is the advice of a contestant whose villa relationship officially lasted two days and ended with the him claiming, "no regrets".

Prepare to educate yourself on how Jordan manages relationships, deals with heartbreak and doesn't get cat-fished.

So without further ado, here you go and you're bloody welcome!

Scenario 1: How to ease pre blind-date nerves

"What I would do first is go onto the blind date's Instagram account because I would wanna check their tagged photos. That's how you see how someone really looks.

"Failing that, if I only have their number, I go to their WhatsApp picture and look at that. But for preparing, I would say be confident, be yourself and have a shot of tequila."

We disagree with the former, agree with the latter.

Scenario 2: How to survive a long distance relationship

"I've been in a long distance relationship and it does work, but it needs a lot of communication. You need like, an end goal of when you’re gonna get together again because I don't think you can do that forever. It's difficult. It is difficult. You need trust as well. Trust is hard."

Why is trust hard, Jordan?

Scenario 3: How to get over a recent break up

"Surround yourself with friends, have a good time and go to the gym. You need to feel good in yourself again and get back on the saddle really. Sometimes in relationships, you stop doing the things you want to do for yourself so just get back to that. I should be a relationship coach!"

Actually very good advice, but do not coach anyone.

Scenario 4: What do you do if you keep changing your mind about fancying someone?

"It sounds like she fancies the guy but he does stuff to annoy her so I guess she needs to decide whether she likes him or not. It sounds like he gives her 'the good', you know. A good seeing to. That's what it sounds like to me."


Scenario 5: How do you go from seeing each other to making it official?

"You gotta make it a big gesture. The girl could do it you know! Depends what the vibe is, like whether you have had the conversation. Maybe don't ask directly, just see what he wants from life and if he's on the same page." 

Why not give them a tour of all the places you've had special moments together, ask them to be your partner and pie them two days later?

Any final words of advice?

"Just go with your heart I guess!"