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These are the rejected names for Senate House and they are absolutely classic

‘The Hugh Brady Centre For Mental Health Recovery’ didn’t seem appropriate

With the ever-growing popularity of Building McBuilding Face, it seems like the opportunity for Bristol students to rename Senate House is a pressing issue on campus.

A consultation with Bristol students has led to 210 names being suggested, of which 7 per cent were removed from the list.

Without further a do, here's a list of some of your suggestions which were rejected:

Hugh Brady Thunderdome: Rejected because it is the name of a current member of staff.

Amazingly, this submission was rejected, you’d think the Vice Chancellor would jump at a chance to get SOMETHING named after him.

The Hugh Brady Centre For Mental Health Recovery: Rejected because it could cause offense.

Probably not the best way to advertise Bristol to future students.

Gucci Gang House: Rejected because of its brand name.

Most likely submitted by a flare wearing ‘gap yah’ type who was confused with the idea of renaming Wills.

Birmingham Student Union: Rejected because of its brand name.

Whether this was submitted by an infiltrating Birmingham student or not will probably never been known, but it’s a safe best to say that Bristol is the superior holder of the UoB title.

Gromit House: Rejected because of its brand name.

Bristol has a close association with Aardman Animations, the makers of Wallace and Gromit — after all, they are based less than a mile from the University.

Factory Training for a Useless Future and Close-Minded Industrialisation with Concentration Camps: Rejected because it may cause offense.

There are no words for this rather bleak outlook on students futures, and it's safe to say that no one appreciates your anti-Semitic joke.

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