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A definitive list of the best Bristol club nights to celebrate the end of exams

Instead of paying for a seat in the ASS, you can pay to have FUN

The January exam stress is among us all as we anticipate the end of the month (and these exams, of course).

Whilst some students have their exams out the way and are enjoying the luxuries of being home, the majority are still fighting for their grades in the final revision push (aka cramming).

Regardless of which of these two categories you belong to, all students felt the struggle — let’s face it, the frenzy for seats in the library early in the morning was exasperating.

Fortunately, Bristol’s exuberant night life, art and sport culture have lined up some promising events for the ‘Refreshers’ period to motivate students as we prepare for the end of our exams.

Club nights


That’s right, Motherfunkers returns to Lakota on the 24th of January as a homage to the end of exams. After several sold out events, this night is guaranteed to deliver.


Are you one of the unfortunate souls that finishes exams on Friday? Well, don't fear. Boogie all night in Lola's for a guaranteed night of fun and copious amounts of cheese.


Looking for a night dedicated to celebrating the end of exams? SWX are offering a Farfetched End of Exams Special. Stop pulling all nighters in the library and get on the dance floor.


Get ready to say goodbye to one of Briz's beloved nightclub's in Blue Mountain's Buckfast Boys Club Blue Mountain Closing Party. Tinnies and tissues at the ready please.

Balloon Bar Beer Festival

For those of you who would rather catch up with friends over chilled beer for a more intimate interaction, the Balloon Bar Beer festival returns to the SU’s Balloon Bar for its winter edition, from the 24th-27th of January. A great way to unwind from the exam period and start the new term.

Refreshers Fair

The greatly anticipated ‘Refreshers Fair’ also makes its return. This time located in the much warmer Anson Rooms as opposed to the Downs. The fair offers students a second chance to embrace their passions by signing up to societies and sports clubs. Another great way to meet more like-minded people, while obtaining freebies along the way at this completely FREE event.