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Deliveroo workers to strike in Bristol this Friday

Riders will refuse to take deliveries after 6 pm

Deliveroo riders in Bristol have announced a strike beginning at 6 pm this Friday. Workers have agreed to gather in the city center and switch off their apps, refusing to take any more deliveries.

The decision to strike was taken following growing anger around the poor pay and working conditions.

The riders believe that striking is now their last and only resort, as meetings with the company’s management team have failed to make the changes riders had hoped for.

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Deliveroo workers do not receive a guaranteed minimum wage per hour, nor do they have holiday leave, sick pay or a pension. They are classed as self-employed and must cover the cost of all their own equipment.

Riders are also often made to wait outside a restaurant for a long time before picking up food, not being paid and when they could be earning money through another delivery.

If you are looking for some late night revision snacks, you might have to stock up before Friday.