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Looking for a way to deal with stress this exam season? We’ve got you covered

Because January exams aren’t fun for anyone

You’ve heard of Dry January, Go Sober for October, Movember — but I bet you haven’t heard of RED January.

RED January, or Run Every Day January, encourages participants to get out and get active to raise money for the mental health charity Mind.

Participants are sponsored for doing some form of physical activity every day throughout January. But there is no minimum distance required, and no specific sporting activity is prescribed.

This creates a highly inclusive environment where participants are encouraged to set their own personal goals; giving them a sense of achievement when these are met.

Any sporting activity is permitted; the focus is on getting people out and active to nurture their own mental health. All sporting contributions are recognised as equal in the fight against mental illness.

Last year, more than 1 million pounds was raised by participants; helping Mind to continue the amazing work that they do supporting those suffering with mental health problems.

One advocate of RED told The Bristol Tab: "Sadly, RED January is yet to gain the recognition that it deserves. It is, in so many amazing ways, life-changing.

"RED January involves so much more than fundraising. RED has its own Facebook group for participants; providing a supportive environment for people to share their own experiences with mental health problems without fear of judgment or prejudice.

"This supportive community lasts far longer than 31 days. RED January is an enduring reminder that, in the battle with mental illness, you are not alone."

To find out more, visit this website.