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Student house burgled after address reported to The Noise Pages

‘Two weeks later I come home after sleeping at my girlfriend’s to find my laptop had been stolen’

It’s unsurprising that Redland and Kingsdown are the target areas for Bristol burglars considering student hotspots are full of expensive tech and prized possessions. It seems the main items the thieves are out to get is laptops with some students also having designer clothing and cash taken.

However, there has been recent speculation that some break-ins have been a result of addresses being posted on The Noise Pages; the ultimate party-pooper website, at the top of every Bristol student’s hate list.

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Second year Ed, whose house recently suffered a robbery while on a night out noted that, “The Noise Pages is so bad for security because they only put student houses on the website, which makes it easy for robbers to know who their easy targets are.”

This was also the case for second year, Tom, whose house was reported to The Noise Pages after a relatively small 21st party. The house was then contacted by the university and asked to pay a fine.

Tom told The Tab: “Two weeks later I come home after sleeping at my girlfriend’s to find my laptop had been stolen.”

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Other student houses have recently been burgled, without their addresses being posted on The Noise Pages. One Chemistry second year, Ali, experienced all of our worst nightmares when she arrived back home with her five housemates to find that someone had “broke in through the window and broke the locks [off their bedroom doors], then took all their laptops.”

When asked how higher authorities helped to handle the situation, Ali told The Tab: “The police were very helpful in taking fingerprints etc. However, uni didn’t actually give any help afterwards — no one got deadline extensions or leeway.”

Little help was given by the uni

Ali went on to suggest that “student houses should be given better security systems” as they struggled to sleep following the break-in. She also told us, “we pretty much know a student house that’s been robbed every Friday since ours,” showing that it is clearly an on-going issue in the area.

In light of this, she suggests to all students living in rented accommodation, “hiding laptops and cash as well as double locking doors on a night out is a must.”