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A Bristol group has created a blind date scheme which UoB students can sign up to

Get ready for this year’s cuffing season

Is Tinder not working out for you? Do you wish you could meet someone who you actually have something in common with other than your love for Taka Taka ?

Don’t fear, a Bristol charity group has created a fundraising scheme called Blind Dates S4S Bristol. With 99 sign ups in the first day, it seems like this could be the perfect way to meet your Briscrush.

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The scheme is led by Students4Students Bristol who are hoping to improve the love lives of the Bristol student population.

Simply fill in a form and the matchmakers over at S4S Bristol will match you up with your perfect date. They’re even arranging discounts and deals for the lucky couples! Just think about the possibilities…

The form includes questions such as “describe your ideal date?”, “cats or dogs?” and “if you could date any fictional character, who would it be?” … so you can rest assured that the matchmakers know their stuff.

The money raised will go towards supporting the tutors that make Students4Students possible.

Students4Students tutor primary school children who are failing to meet the national standards for English and Maths, in order to address the education inequality that prevents many children from realising their potential.

Fancy going a great date in the name of charity? Visit this page to sign up.