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The parents of a deceased Bristol student are raising money for legal representation at inquest

They are hoping to raise £10,000

The parents of a deceased second year Bristol uni Physicist have created a crowdfunding page to raise money for legal representation at the second pre-inquest review hearing into their daughter's death.

Robert and Margaret Abrahart, parents of Natasha Abrahart, are hoping to raise £10,000 to secure legal representation at the hearing on November 26.

The first pre-inquest review hearing took place in August this year, and the inquest itself is expected to take place across three weeks in May 2019.

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The page hoping to raise money for the family's legal representation

So far, over £8,000 has been raised on the CrowdJustice page, and people have until November 10th to donate. However, the couple have written that they would need to raise £50,000 in order for their lawyers to do everything that is necessary.

Robert and Margaret Abrahart's message on the page reads: "It is difficult for us as parents to accept the enormity and awfulness of what has happened.

"People at Natasha’s funeral asked 'Why has this happened?' This is the question we’re now trying to get answered in court. If we understand what happened, we can do something about it.

"We want answers that will benefit new and returning students, especially vulnerable students who are at risk. To do this we need your support. Please contribute now and share this page with your friends, family and on social media."

The University of Bristol have implemented a new pastoral system this year, as well as introducing a mental health alert system. This gives students an opportunity for a parent, guardian or friend to be notified if they are experiencing an ongoing mental health problem.

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Hundreds of students marched to demand better mental health services at the university in May

Robert and Margaret Abrahart's message concludes: "Since the first PIR we have received some wonderful messages of support and encouragement from other parents of university students.

"This has strengthened our resolve to push for answers. It is too late to help Natasha and any of the other students who have died but we hope that this inquest will make students safer in the years ahead."

If you are experiencing any kind of mental health issue which you believe is heavily affecting you, help is ready and available for those who require it.

A list of all the Bristol services open to students can be found here.

Samaritans have an invaluable helpline – 116 123 – that is open 24/7. Their website can also be found here.