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The best Bristruths of term so far

Did yours make the cut?

With a new term upon us, the wait is over: Bristruths is finally back with all the gossip, drama and high quality memes that’ll fill the void in your life that’s been haunting you since the last episode of Love Island.

As the ultimate source of all Bristol-centric beef, banter and bad behaviour, here you can find the best of the best; all the juiciest anonymous confessions in the month of September.

As a new wave of freshers hit, and with landmark events such as the Tokyo World downpour and the rebirth of Lizard Lounge, we can only expect the finest submissions.

With that being said, here are The Tab’s pick for the greatest Bristruths of term so far.

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When a relatable Bristruth touches your soul


#Bristruth12247: A girl walked into our kitchen at 3 AM this morning, calmly sat in the corner of the kitchen, placed a tea towel on her head and began to scream her lungs out for a solid 30 mins. I am ready for freshers to end.

#Bristruth12214: If you didn't pick up at least 6 spoons coupon booklets at the freshers fair then what are you actually doing with your life?

#Bristruth12554: Got Fresher Flu despite not being a fresher or going out at all. Now my nose is constantly blocked. I tried to eat Coco Pops this morning and almost suffocated

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Let's not forget the re-opening of Lizard Lounge


#Bristruth12574: Why do people at Birmingham uni keep making annoying memes about Bristol? Like literally no one at Bristol cares about your irrelevant uni stop pretending there's some massive rivalry here when you obviously all [have] some inferiority complex going on

#Bristruth12559: Let's just accept David Tennant was the best Doctor with NO competition at all

#Bristruth12530: Seriously how are you meant to walk down the Cantock steps?! Been here for two years now and still not sure which way makes me look less stupid…

Like for two steps, heart for one

#Bristruth12442: Idc idc the only people that don't think Mr Wolf's is the best night out are the people that haven't gone

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Let the debates continue


#Bristruth12259: My friend was impaled by the uob sign so has 9 stitches in her right ass cheek. How's ur day going?

#Bristruth12234: Watched a bristol mum, the 1 bus driver and some random woman start a fight on the bus at peak time. Already feel at home x

#Bristruth12507: Imagine paying £9000 a year, walking half an hour to uni, then being turned away at the door to biomed, not being allowed to attend your only lecture of the day, because you left your shitting Ucard at home

#Bristruth11887: sad react if you're also gonna spend your weekend looking like a drowned rat who fell in a pot of glitter pretending to enjoy the shite line up at Tokyo world

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Tb to the glittery days of Tokyo World


#Bristruth12087: Friendly reminder to everyone not just freshers, if you want to go to an event or do something where you don't know anyone and your new friends aren't interested in that sort of thing it's perfectly okay to go alone, it's the only way to make friends with people interested in similar things and no one will think you're weird for being alone

#Bristruth12464: At this busy time of term, no need to compare yourself to others….no need to be in 25 societies, 3 sports teams, socials every night ….just relax, and work on your current friendships and things that matter to you, you'll find your groove dw 🙂

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You will make friends in your own time x

As the year rolls on, we can only dream of what controversies, conspiracies, and Taka Taka vs. Donervan debates will ensue on our beloved Bristruths. Have no doubt that The Tab will bring you all the finest submissions.