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Bristol’s Biggest Names on Campus 2018: Round 1

Did you make it in?


Bigger than Christmas and more exciting than a season finale of Game of Thrones, it’s that special time of year when we choose who is the biggest name on Bristol’s campus.

This year we’ve had more nominees than ever before, with submissions ranging from the inane to the obscene. After a week of careful formulation we’ve knocked it down to the final 25 ranging from famous freshers to familiar fourth years.

Below is the first of five batches featuring the biggest names in Bristol in 2017-2018. Vote now and win your champion eternal glory/infamy…

Chris Meardon, Third Year, Physics

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“Physics meme poster, President of Chaos (physics society), Course Representative for third year physics, peer mentor, PASS leader, student quality reviewer, all round top guy. Best memes, fresh content.”

Alicia FitzGerald, First Year, French and Spanish

“People approach her in clubs and know who she is when she has never met her because of her controversial articles and her golden Instagram captions. And she’s also known as the girl who dances. If you know you know. We all know this girl is gunna be famous one day. No one forgets her.”

George Burton, Fourth Year, Engineering Design

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“A former GB Junior fencer, Captain Burton is a legend on the Bristol sports and nightclub circuits. Known as the “thirstiest fish in the sea” by his team, this man knows how to wield a sword and down a pint”.

Maddy O’Neil, Second Year, French and Spanish

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“She’s the hottest thing that’s happened to Wills Hall bar since they let women in. Top cider drinker. Found in motion with a tinnie in tow, the kind of woman that you can go for a night out with and completely lose yourself and sight of all prior morals.”

Jack Bennett, First Year, Geography

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“Renowned all over bristruths as ‘j from wills’ an icon of the geography department. He went cori tap and had way too much he woke up the next day with his bed half way across his wills old quad room and a bag of sick in his sink.”