Gold Rush 2018: it’s back and bigger than ever before


The end of term can be a mixed blessing for students. Exams, revision, saying goodbye to friends and housemates, returning to the strict norms of family life- what could make this depressing cocktail seem tolerable?

The answer in two words is Gold Rush. This university institution has been run for time immemorial (well, for at least six years) and involves thirsty, love starved Bristol students finally getting together with their secret admirers or library crushes via the delights of anonymous FB posting.

Run this year by the social media behemoth that is Wills Meme-orial/ Bristruths, a new page 'Briscrush' has already attracted over 1,000 salivating singletons in less than 10 hours. To find out more, we spoke to a Briscrush admin about it all…..

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So, why bring back Gold Rush?

Frankly we're tired of frustrated freshers and love lorn lawyers being unable to find the courage to ask out their crushes, whether that be their blockmate they've fancied since first year or the hot new international student over here for just one term. We hope this page brings together all sorts of couples in the throws of lust and/or love.

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone and everyone but particularly those about to graduate or leave uni. If you don't tell them now, you never will, so go on and make the most of Gold Rush.

How does it work?

Just submit a (preferably witty) poem of a few or more lines, declaring your feelings for your one true love. The filthier or funnier they are, the more likely they'll get posted on the page.

How long is it running for?

After term finishes on 1st June, it will run for two further weeks in order to get every last Gold Rush out of the system of the collective student body.

Submit your crushes here. Posts begin at Midnight tonight!