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A Bristol student hosted an ‘Indian glamour’ themed 21st birthday party

It was called ‘A Night At The Maharajah’s Palace’


A Bristol University third year has been accused of cultural insensitivity after hosting a 21st birthday party with an 'Indian glamour' theme.

Politics and Social Policy student Jack Prosser hosted "A Night At The Maharajah’s Palace" on Saturday 14th April at One Belgravia in London, a private venue costing £7,500 to hire, with a number of fellow Bristol University students attending the event.

Originally the party was billed on Facebook as “a luxurious yet debauch throwback to the glory days of the early 20th century, where Britain and India lived side by side.”

Prosser’s father was quoted as describing the theme as "'Indian Glamour meets Colonial Chic'".

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The original event description

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The updated event description

Prosser told The Tab that he changed the party's description within 24 hours to remove these aforementioned references. The updated Facebook description nevertheless promised "the finest cuisine, the best grape and most beautiful subjects the palace has to offer, at a banquet in honour of the Maharajah’s coming of age".

Attendees wore traditional Indian dress with Prosser himself sporting a turban and a bindi in his Maharajah’s costume.

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Bristol BME committee criticised the event, telling The Tab "We are deeply deeply saddened and disappointed in this students’ actions. Considering the long and painful history of colonisation and how it’s legacy still impacts the lives of many individuals today, putting on this event is seen as a blatant disrespect.

"Behaviour of this kind is not condoned by the Black and Minority Ethnic students network. We are here to support students affected by this event."

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When asked for comment, Prosser told The Tab: "‘Indian Glamour’ was the party theme, which in no way should be interpreted as having colonial connotations.

"When initially organising the event there may have been some suggestive links to what you are labelling it as, however this was never my intention and therefore I immediately removed these associations."

If you know of any other parties like this at Bristol, or were at the event, email [email protected].