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Meet the candidates running for Undergraduate Eduction Officer in the SU elections

Voting closes on Thursday

Dylan Woodward, 2nd year Politics and International Relations

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‘What makes you the best candidate for the role?

'I think I’d be the best candidate because I’d stand up to the university. I think that’s what the SU has been afraid to do in the past. If it actually wants to represent that university it needs to stand up to them.’

What part of your manifesto are you to most proud of?

‘Fighting for marginalised groups. I think we need to have more diverse content, and to do that we need to have more diverse staff. Most BME students don’t feel represented in what they’re studying. Out of fourteen lecturers in my 2 years, 3 were women none were BME. In the BME attainment gap report that the SU did, this was more applicable. Link up the UCU to fight the gender pay gap in the university. Sixty percent of our university is from state schools or grammar schools, whereas I think it’s ninety percent for other universities.’

Favourite takeaway on a Bristol night out.


Nasra Ayub, 3rd year Philosophy and Politics

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Why did you want to go for the role?

'I went for Undergraduate Education Officer because I feel like my time at Bristol University has been a struggle and there’s so much that can be changed to make it a better experience for students. From giving ALL students reading week to ensuring that they have better job opportunities and internships tailored to their degrees, if I get chosen, I really want to make changes that could benefit all students.'

What makes you better than other candidates going for the role?

'I am better for this role because I’m not trying to sell students dreams, I’m not trying to promise them things that cannot be achieved in a year. What I want students to have is progressive and effective changes that are achievable. Students want to be represented better in academic literature they are reading in their degrees and students want more feedback on their essays and exams, not false hopes of scrapping tuition fees in a year!'

Can you sum up the changes you want to make in one sentence?

'A university environment that benefits ALL students.'

What is your favourite takeaway on a Bristol night out?

'Anywhere that has pizza offers because in this economy I can only eat on a discount!