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Bristol student goes on Take Me Out and bags himself a Valentine’s date

No likey, no lighty

If you're alone and depressed this Valentine's, you could always follow the example of Daniel. He's a Volcanology Masters student at the University of Bristol who is set to star on this Saturday's edition of the ITV reality show 'Take Me Out'.

Faced with the prospect of meeting thirty beautiful women, bagging a date on Fernando’s and knowing his best friend would embarrass him on national television, Daniel decided to tell us about his experience on the show…

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The popular show typically pulls in around 3 million viewers an episode

When did you apply for the show?

I applied in June 2017.

How was the application process?

I had to fill out a simple form online, it asked me what type of girl I normally go for. I got a phone call when I was abroad in Australia, and then had an interview in the UK.

How did you film the short video about yourself for the show?

I had day of filming at Bristol at my university, then a day of filming in Nottingham. We went and filmed in some of the parks in Bristol and in a variety of locations, it took a whole day.

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The show filmed all over Bristol

Did you have an idea of who you wanted to date before you went on the show?

It was all a bit of a blur before I went on the show. I was petrified – I was in the lift for five or ten minutes and then came down to the song ‘Jump’ by Van Halen. One of the girls thought it was from Star Trek.

Did you have a friend or family member ‘reveal’ something about you to the girls?

We had to have an embarrassing story – I got one of my housemates to talk about me wearing a sports bra. When it was done, it came across like I was a crossdresser.

The very important question is, did you manage to get yourself a date?

Yes, I got a date with Hannah from Nottingham. Hannah was great fun, and I can’t to see how it went.

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The absolute boy with his date after the show

To see how Daniel’s date with Hannah panned out on the Isle of Fernando’s, tune in to this Saturday’s episode of Take Me Out!