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Every Halloween cliché you’ll see this year that you thought was really original

Come on guys get in the spirit

We get it, it’s been a bit hectic in the wholesome month of October, and the last thing on the forefront of your mind has been that all important show-stopping Halloween costume you usually whip out in the festive season.

But last minute costumes come at a cost – the cost of being a massive cliché. But we’re here to help with a list of costumes you thought were ingenious, but everyone else did too.

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So 2008, darling

Skull Face

The classic “I got a A* in GCSE art and love Pinterest tutorials”, look.  While the skeleton face is a Halloween staple for anyone a dab hand with a paint brush, if worn expect to find a fair few others around with the same idea.

Donald Trump

It’s gonna be a huuugely worn costume, it’s gonna be a greatly worn costume, nobody will wear this costume better than you, believe me, and it will be built very inexpensively, you will be wear a great great costume on Halloween and you will make your Santander overdraft pay for it.

Pennywise the Clown

Floating around the d-floor in head-to-toe Stephen King realness, until you see someone in the Tim Curry outfit and your spirits sink.

A normal club outfit with a bit of fake blood and maybe some hipster glasses

Come on guys, get in the spirit.

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Like, really, um groovy, and scary teehee!! xoxo

Louis Theroux

Halloween is a Weird Weekend in itself without 10,000 Louis’ walking Theroux the place getting into a Dark State.

Theresa May

It's a strong and stable costume in principle, but is easily replaceable with someone else #BoJo

Any superhero

With Wonder Woman being the most googled Halloween costume of 2017, your costume will surely be far too expensive to be this cliché. That means you too, Spidermen.

The Spice Girls

Yes we get it, you have a girl squad, congratu-spicy-lations.

A poor attempt at a YouTube Halloween makeup tutorial

I can't stress enough how 15 minutes isn't enough for this look.

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It's called art mum, look it up

Pregnant Kylie Jenner

I feel like this Halloween is really about, like, the Halloween of just realising stuff? Stuff like you're not the only one dressed as Kylie Jenner?

Hugh Hefner and a Playmate

Don’t Play-Boy yourself, everyone will be doing it.

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R.I.P. Hugh, thanks for all the mammaries

Rick and Morty + characters

Ah jeez you don't have to be rickety rickety wrecked to know that every nightclub is going to look like the Council of Ricks.

Any meme

In the year when an orange Pepe the Frog got meme-d into office, look out for your favourite internet pics being brought to life by 'witty' meta-satirists. Keep an eye out in particular for 'distracted boyfriend' three person ensembles, and Bear Grylls 'improve, adapt, overcome' get ups.

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Look out for updated meme costumes like this one

Harvey Weinstein

Any guy in a bathrobe is probably going as Hollywood's least favourite producer. Chances are, he's also a creep.