Which Love Island star is your Bristol Uni hall of residence?

Please God not Olivia

Love Island – this summer’s TV phenomenon that’s taken the nation by storm. Using the characters of our generation’s defining reality series, this handy guide will allow you to safely navigate the residences of Bristol Uni from the melts to the players…

Wills- Camilla

A fairly obvious one this. Ex London-dwelling lacrosse player, linked with aristocratic romance, you'll appear prim and proper at first before revealing your true chain smoking, sexually voracious personality a few weeks into term.

Badock- Marcel

Like Marcel, you’re a bonafide member of the Blazin’ Squad and you make sure everybody knows it. Though you might pretend to be a medic- "paging Dr Marcel"- and claim to have slept with "around 200-300" girls, you'll likely get your heart broken in the end by Hiatt Baker after their lies to you are publicly exposed.

UH- Kem

You’re warm, friendly, have a heart of gold and the best bar on Stoke Bishop – but you’re still coming up short compared with the other halls. Fortunately you've found solace in your budding bromance with The Rackhay – both of you know what it’s like to be the underdog.

Durdham- Harley

You’ve failed at finding love and you’re as bland as bowl of porridge. Forgettable and underwhelming, you’d likely be the first to get voted off by all the other halls. You’re not known as ‘Dulldham’ for nothing.

Clifton Hill House- Alex

Though outwardly you appear gorgeous and mysterious, like Alex CHH suffers from just being a little bit dull. Uncommunicative and two dimensional, you'll claim to be "picky" with women before it's revealed you had sex in a public toilet.

The Rackhay- Chris

One of the late arrivals to the halls scene, you are completely overshadowed by your infamous Riverside partner who've you grown to hate. Despite your bland exterior, you deserve better than the stick you get and are secretly quite liked by all the others- especially UH.

Unite- Liv

You're the one everyone loves to hate. Whilst you come across as warm and friendly, as time passes the others will realise you are deeply materialistic, attention seeking and actually a bit of a snake. Hiss.

Churchill- Montana

You're a classic Home Counties girl who revels in your posh upbringing, perfectly composed features and lack of affection in love making, a product of many years in private schooling. Despite your fabulous physique, you love eating and will probably bag yourself the best looking guy available… somehow.

Hiatt Baker- Gabby

Though you might be with Badock now for tactical reasons, secretly you LOVE the attention you get from all the other halls. As a self proclaimed "wild party girl" you enjoy travelling and have your ups and downs but like this loud mouthed contestant you're a central fixture on the Bristol Uni halls scene.

Waverley- Amber

Though no one cared about you at the start, you've come to grow on us thanks to your pluck, warmth and sheer indestructibility. Like Amber, you're probably from somewhere regional and love to dance when you're not shacked up with your UH lover.

Goldney- Dom

One of the prettiest halls, sadly Dom like Goldney has little behind that beguiling exterior. Whilst first impressions promise much, you'll likely spend your mornings sobbing in bed about the one that got away.

Northwell House- The Narrator

No one knows what you look like because we literally know nothing about you except that you're probably from The North.