Philosopher threatened with no-platforming to speak at Bristol SU

Union Officers had concerns over his views on homosexuality

The writer and philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton, will be giving a talk as a part of Bristol Student’s Union’s ‘Richmond Lecture’ series.

His invitation to, and speaking at, the University comes after concerns were voiced over whether his writings on sexuality were homophobic and therefor not in line with the Students’ Union’s aims as an organisation. There was a threat that he would be disinvited, which would add him to the list of speakers at universities (including feminist writer Germaine Greer and LGBT rights activist Peter Tatchell) who would’ve been invited but subsequently had their invitation to speak revoked.

Late last year when The Tab learned of a possible dis-invitation Bristol SU released a statement in which officers were said to have “expressed concerns about one of the speakers (Scruton) given his published views on homosexuality and have raised this with the student led committee of the initiative for them to consider.”

The issue of misalignment of his views and those of the Students’ Union were resolved, and he will be speaking at the organisation this evening. The title of his lecture, ‘The idea of a university’, hints that amongst other topics he will discuss issues of censorship that have made their way into the culture of our universities.

Tickets may be obtained here:

The lecture starts at 17:30 in the Anson Rooms. Entry is free.