Vote for Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette: Group 2

Damn girl

After a sterling set of entries for the first round of our prestigious competition, we present you a second smorgasbord of scintillating singletons.

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Lily Turnbull 

“She’s been a model with agency IMG since she was 14 after being spotted at a One Direction concert and her first job was for Italian Vogue. You’ll probably find her at Motion which we’ve told her isn’t the ideal place to find a husband.” – Anonymous fan

Jessica Garlick

“Studies English Lit so she’d probs bang Shakespeare if he was still alive. Is majorly in with the drama posse, any lad would be lucky to get between her and her obsession with auditioning for plays. Went to one of Surrey’s boarding schools and recounts her favourite stories about ‘that one time at Charterhouse’.”- Anonymous fan

Liv Bancroft

“Liv is renowned for her love of cheesy chips and is looking to find her own Jason Donervan to fill the gaping hole in her heart (and stomach). The Garden of England has produced many fine flowers, but surely none more fragrant than this Kent-born rose. With sparkling wit and bedazzling eyes, she’s a lawyer who can certainly get you off anytime.”- Anonymous fan

Sophie Aubert

“This Sheila from down under is looking for a British gentleman to sweep her off her feet. In spite of her questionable geography skills, she always knows where the party is at and how to have a good night.”- Anonymous (Aussie) fan

Steph Dollimore

“Reckons politics is a ‘cool degree’, thinks her big forehead signifies a big brain. Regularly reminds people that she’s a Tory (despite being from Newcastle) by referring to any kind of fruit juice as Cordial. Can be found lurking around Priory Road in search of a fellow lover of austerity and Theresa May.”- Anonymous fan

Zoe Hazan

“This half Arabian princess has probably read more books than you’ve had hot dinners whilst her manifesto for the destruction of the patriarchy will leave you sweaty-browed and in awe of her passion and eloquence. You may fear her, you may fancy her, you’re not quite sure – but this ballet-dancing beauty is Bristol’s best babe and is sure to get you hot under the collar.”- Anonymous fan

Paloma Parkes

“Paloma has managed, along with Fossil Free, to get the university to divest from fossil fuels. She skates, surfs, reads, and enjoys deep chats in candlelight with a bottle of red. She’s a feast for the eyes, the mind, and the heart.”- Anonymous fan