The absolute best clubbers in Bristol this last week

Yay drunk people

Another week has gone by and another set of drunken students have come into our clubbing hall of fame.

Feast your eyes upon the frenzied folk who didn’t let being single on Valentine’s day ruin their drunken fun, amongst some other inebriated strangers from across the week.

Best Photobomb

*evil cackle*

2nd Best Photobomb


Most perturbed by homosexuality 

*Growls menacingly*

Most sensual relationship with a bottle of Fosters

This bottle gets more action than you do

Alright which one of you slapped my girlfriend’s arse?

It weren’t me

Guy who will take your kidneys if you tell anybody about the body he buried

Hush now my piggy

Another group who look related

“Oh my goooood, my dad was in Ibiza in 1995 too!”

When the photographer interrupts your secret convo about who you fancy 

You better not tell!

The really unhappy to be in this situation award

Happy thoughts now Clive, happy thoughts

Worst attempt at a heart shape

On Valentine’s too

Most sensual way to eat some toast 

Mmmmm carbs