Eight Bristol students went on blind dates and Burst radio recorded it

What’s more romantic than a cosy drink being broadcast to thousands of students?

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but the lonely singletons of Bristol are still on the search for a special someone to proudly display on their arm around campus. For eight lucky singletons, the often frustrating and tedious process of finding a potential partner was made easier by Burst Radio, who set them up on blind dates in the SU bar.

The Burst Dates ‘restaurant’, where the magic happens

Following an online application process, the Burst Dates maître d’, station manager Patrick Thomas,  placed compatible strangers together to enjoy a drink, a chat, and to hopefully make a connection. Imagine all the nerves of going on a date with someone you’ve never met, except with the added pressure of your every awkward stutter being filmed, and later being viewed by all of your friends who’ll revel in the opportunity to feel even more justified about tagging you in that meme about dying alone.

Maître d’, Patrick, anxiously waiting to see if he was a successful Cupid

Unsurprisingly, the chance to gawk at the pre-mating rituals of uncomfortable strangers has proven to be incredibly popular. The trailer shared on Burst’s Facebook page was viewed over 3,000 times, and the full length video is set to hook in even more date-voyeurs.

Burst Dates Trailer


Posted by Burst Radio – Bristol University Radio Station on Friday, February 10, 2017

Burst Dates’ maître d’, Patrick, found the setting of the show a surprisingly successful place to make amorous advances, commenting that he ‘had never truly appreciated the romantic potential of the Balloon Bar until watching the love blossom between these couples’. Even if you’re unconvinced by the wooing ability of the SU’s cheesy chips and wall-bound foliage, you can still vicariously give a Balloon Bar date a go through watching Burst Dates. You never know, you might pick up some tips.