BBC publishes article on Bristol racism with a picture of the wrong black student

Another ridiculous occurrence

When BBC News reported on the taskforce set up to tackle racism, the featured photo for the article, broadcast across social media, had the wrong person.

Kelly Emelle, a Widening Participation Officer at the SU and Bristol student was the victim of racist chants, not the first instance of racism in the University.

A month ago, Timi Ariyo and Tami Sotire were also subjected to similar racism.

The importance of this move came to the attention of BBC Points West, who produced a lengthy feature, broadcast on interviewing Kelly.

Subsequently, the BBC news website published a short article about the events.

The woman depicted was not Kelly Emelle but student Eno Mfon.

The subject matter of the piece makes this mistake all the more serious and completely undermines the credibility of their reporting.