The Bristol Post thinks these are the 5 sexiest people in Bristol

Just look at them

In a world of democracy, civil rights (well, let’s pray for America) and freedom, it’s time to revert to what we as humans can judge best: attraction.

The Bristol Post kicked off 2017 with the ‘50 of the Hottest Men and Women in the City’, with their ‘Bristol Sexy List’ prompting heated debates; some just as fierce as fighting over the last seat on the good ol’ Number 16.

So, without further ado, and giving credit where it is due genetically, of course, I present you with the Post’s top five winners.

5th – Amy Willerton

Now, I hear what you’re saying: ‘Why put Miss Universe Great Britain winner in fifth place?’. Well, my friend, much like puberty this list gets even better with time (except the starting point isn’t your twelve-year-old self with braces but a world famous model)

This Bristol model decided to opt out of university, instead pursuing a successful career in showbiz and modelling with her beauty and brains.

4th – Joel Dommett

After stealing all our hearts in Skins, Joel has continued his successful streak on our screens by hosting Living in Chelsea and even becoming a member of the Impractical Jokers team.

Let’s face it, with with a quiff like that- who could resist?

3rd – Sophie Anderton

A model and television present born and bred in Bristol.

After making a grand appearance in Celebrity Big Brother the model made a name for herself daily on our screens.

Sophie topped this off with her appearance on I’m a Celebrity in 2000, where her natural beauty won over the nation as much as her bold personality- if that’s even a factor in this list.

2nd – Leslee Smith

Leslee Smith, and all 6ft 8in of him, was awarded a very respectable second place being heads above anyone else (literally).

This professional basketball player was signed by Bristol Flyers last summer, giving a good reason to lend the team your ‘support’.

1st – Tuppence Middleton

In first place, Bristol’s very own Tuppence Middleton. The actress’ career has seemed to be as unique as her name, playing a devious seductress in War and Peace.

Whilst the decision of who to award first place was anything but peaceful, this former pupil of Bristol Grammar School came up on top with her acting drawing audiences in as much as those vibrant green eyes- who said romance was dead?

There it is, Bristol Post’s very own Sexy List. If you have anyone you would like to nominate feel free to comment below- but no sarcastic nominees please, we all need a little self-esteem boost after looking at that list.