Bristol Uni announce plans for a second campus costing £300 million

It’s to ‘ensure all our students receive the very best educational experience’

The University have announced plans for huge renovation and a £300m second campus as part of a ‘new strategy’.

The uni have plans to remodel the area around Tyndall Avenue, meaning the ASS and sports hall may get a facelift. The central locations for the new campus are still being assessed, but announcements are said to be coming in the coming weeks.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Hugh Brady, said: “There’s a real buzz around the strategy as the University prepares for a new, more ambitious era. The university will be offering tailored masters courses co-created with industrial partners.

“The new campus will be a hub for technological innovation and business that aims to invest in research and people that will grow the local digital economy. The ultimate ambition is that Bristol will be known internationally for digital innovation. Graduates of the future need to be ready for anything: they need to be multi-skilled, resilient and adaptable, able to work across disciplinary and geographical borders.”

To those worried about the rampant neo-liberalisation of university- it’s coming.