Do you take Drugs in Bristol? The BBC wants you!

*rolls joint in excitement*

The BBC are recruiting drug users in Bristol to appear in a documentary that “gives an unbiased and non-judgemental portrayal of drugs in Bristol”.

Volunteers must be “willing to share some of their thoughts about drugs and have some experiences filmed”. They will be filming for this from now up until early 2017. It will be aired on BBC Three and presumably is aiming to shine a light on the reality of substances use and abuse in Bristol.

Bristol is certainly known for being fairly druggy, among students anyway. We all have a story about someone going too far on a night out and disappearing off into the night.

Best case scenario they find their way back home and inexplicably manage to smear blood all over the bathroom. Worst case scenario they end up being rushed to the BRI after ingesting a substance that they were assured was “great shit”.

Unregulated recreational drugs can be dangerous, even fatal, nobody is denying that. But some are definitely more dangerous than others.

I don’t think that the BBC will have any issues finding people who take drugs to partake in their documentary. Bristol is so known for its student stoners that even my mother knows how easy it can be to get hold of certain illegal substances here.

So if this describes you and you fancy being part of a BBC documentary then you can contact them by emailing: [email protected].