David Attenborough debacle rages on as tickets are touted for £20

‘Looking for as many god damn tickets as I can’

This morning Bristol students were left angry and disappointed when tickets to a talk from David Attenborough and Chris Packham sold out in seconds.

The SU have been highly criticised for only providing 165 seats in the Anson Rooms which can usually seat far more.

For many students who had placed their hopes on getting tickets today at 12, the pain was unbearable:

Tickets to the highly popular event were selling for as much as £20 as countless students pleaded for someone to sell them the opportunity to hear David Attenborough’s dulcet tones:

The SU has been criticised for giving the 165 tickets away for free in a mad Glastonbury Festival style rush as it allowed those with fast internet connections to buy large amounts of the tickets and then sell them to students for an elevated price.

The SU have since responded, saying that the event is being run by  a group called Wildscreen Festival who have retained most tickets for “delegates of the festival.”

The 165 tickets that were obtained by the SU were to be given directly to students for free. Screenings of the talk from other rooms in the SU will be available and 279 tickets for these showing will be made available tomorrow at 6.30pm.

Wildscreen Festival were approached for comment and responded by saying:

“The David Attenborough event is a private event for the Wildscreen Festival and its delegates but we gave Bristol SU an allocation of 150 seats (plus we are live streaming into some close by lecture theatres) so that some of their members could attend.”

“Of course we understand that there will be lots of disappointed people (he’s an extremely popular man and we’ve had lots of people asking for tickets!). We did try to secure bigger venues around the city but we just couldn’t find a free one unfortunately.”