Animal testing protest to happen at Wills Memorial Building

4 million animals are tested on every year in British laboratories

Come down to the Wills Memorial Building on Saturday 1st October to protest Bristol’s animal testing practices.

Animal Justice Project is running a campaign against animal testing at universities across the UK – and this week it’s Bristol!

Campus without Cruelty started at Cardiff University last week, where 52,564 animals were experimented on last year alone. The students held a silent protest wearing blindfolds and fake blood and carrying banners detailing Cardiff’s animal experimentation

The University of Bristol will be the subject of the campaign’s next protest. Bristol has denied Freedom of Information requests but the Project’s research suggests that the labs have housed a wide range of animals from rabbits and cats to amphibians and pigs.

The UK has the “tightest system of regulation in the world” for animal testing according to a 2002 select committee, but those regulations still allow for cruel experiments including removing rat’s scalps and then suffocating them; placing heat patches on cat’s bare skin and transplanting pig corneas, in the interest of medical advancements and other pursuits.

Details of experiments that have been carried out by Bristol researchers can be found on the Project’s website here.

If you feel that you want to help stop Bristol University using live subjects, head on down to the Wills Memorial Building on Saturday 1st October 12-2pm, it’s open to everyone and banners will be provided.

Find out more on the event page.