Freshers had to be evacuated after only their second night in halls

It all kicked off as they lay sleeping

Residents of Unite house were evacuated on their second night of freshers due to a blackout.

Some first years even missed out on the night out, as they left IDs, tickets and money in their rooms while they were evacuated. And not even free pizza could make up for a mad one in SWX.

Students were unable to use water or electricity. Olly Gough said: “The power went off – I don’t know why, I don’t know what caused it, but the fire systems weren’t working , so they told us that we all had to leave the building. Loads of people had to sleep on the floor in Hawthornes, but I heard some people got to sleep at a hotel.”

Fresher Jack Butler was not amused

Jack Butler who was affected by the evacuation told the Tab that many freshers hadn’t been told that they were supposed to evacuate the building and so left their money and I.Ds in their rooms rendering them unable to immerse themselves with their new friends.

Although the blackout served as an inconvenience for many, residents were given free pizza as a consolation. Unite House residents were informed this morning at 7:30 that they could re-enter the building.