Bristol BNOC of the year nominations: Group 1

The first shortlist of your chosen campus heroes


The nominations are in, the crowds have been waiting. Now its finally time to reveal your first BNOC group.

You, the reader, must choose who you want to win this year’s prestigious competition by voting at the bottom of the article.

Let the games begin.

Livi Brooks-McLaughlin

“There are chants about her on the no. 16 bus, YikYak is plagued with posts just about her, and literally every fresher either loves or hates her. A definite BNOC.” – Anonymous

“I’m not a BNOC, people just don’t like me.” – Livi


Nabil Dhala 

“The alpha male of the core section of the uni gym, often found perfecting lunge and squat techniques – remember, low weight high reps. Regular double-desserter at Hiatt Baker dinner and legend has it he owns two meal cards. Apparently he once went for a run and came back in an uber.

BNOC. Legend. Probably hungry.” – Nabil Dhala


Conrad Young

Disliked by many and cherished by few. Tab writer, Freedom of Speech activist, sometimes goes clubbing.

You know his name.


Richard Cubitt

Son of Baron Ashcombe known for his promoting of various establishments in Chelsea including Raffles and Beaufort House. Football captain, serial formal piano player, lover of fine wines.