A Bristol student is in court on sexual assault accusations

He allegedly assaulted a woman after she asked him to use a condom

A Bristol university student has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met on a night out.

The suspect became aggressive when the woman he took home insisted he used a condom, a jury heard.

Last week our survey found that over 75 per cent of students think people accused of rape should be anonymous, therefore we will not be revealing the identity of the student unless he is found guilty.

The accused has denied assault by penetration.

The event allegedly took place in September 2014 after the pair met on a night out and went back to the accused’s flat.

They briefly started having sex, the jury heard, before the alleged victim asked him to wear a condom.

“Then things turned,” said Prosecutor Ken Bell. “She was reluctant and he became, in her words, aggressive.”

The woman claims the man told her she had to perform oral sex on him and became “quite rough”, grabbing her by the arms and throat.

In a video statement shown to the jury, she said: “He sort of changed. He wasn’t how he was five minutes before then when he was having fun. He seemed like he got annoyed.”

She added: “”I told him to stop at that point because he was really hurting me. I said it so many times but he didn’t take it seriously.”

The assault ended when the woman managed to push the suspect off and left, she said in a statement.

The jury were shown photos of bruises on the woman’s chest which were allegedly caused during the assault.

After cross examining the woman, the defence argued that the accused did not assault the alleged vicim.

The trial continues.