We met the Bristol fresher who has her own line of sunglasses

She makes and designs them herself

History of art student and Churchill resident Maria Perry came back from holiday after her first term at Bristol and tried searching around for a cool pair of sunglasses.

She couldn’t find the perfect ones, so she made some herself. The quirky glasses started gaining attention and now Maria has established her own brand of sunglasses, Glitta Glo.

Maria with her Glitta Glo sunglasses

Hey Maria! Tell us how Glitta Glo started. 

I used to do art at school and I study history of art at uni so I’m quite into designing and making stuff. I was at home over the Christmas holidays desperately trying to find some new glasses that were fun and offered something a little bit different. I couldn’t find any so decided to bring them about myself. Within a month, Glitta Glo was born.

That’s so cool! So you make the glasses yourself, how long do they take to make? 

I’ve had some practise so now it only takes me about 20 minutes to make a pair.

When do you wear them?

They’re really fun for a night out, I’ve worn them to Lakota and Motion and also to festivals. To be honest, I wear mine all the time now.

What’s the reception been like?

They’ve done really well actually! I’ve had a lot of people buying them through my website as well as interest on Facebook and Instagram. We were featured in Fuze which was great. I’ve done a few bespoke ones for people that have asked and my friends have been really helpful in expanding the Glitta Glo Crew.

What’s coming up next for Glitta Glo?

So we released a pair for the ski trip which did really well so we’ll be releasing another tint to coincide with Wimbledon. Over the next few months we will be popping up in various locations from Bristol to London so we’ll be updating our Instagram/Facebook. Spitalfields market is our next big event on 14th May.

Tell us about the sunglasses.

Glitta Glo’s are retro and 70s inspired round glasses with tinted coloured lenses and contrasting jewelled frames. Our range currently extends to six tints: Racing Red Glitta, Moonlight Glitta, Retro Glitta, Candy Glitta, Apres-Ski Glitta, and our latest purple tint, Goddess Glitta.

What do you want to do next with Glitta Glo? 

Maybe add some products, I’m not sure which ones at the moment. Ideally I’d really like for them to be featured in places like Asos, Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

MODELS – Ben Burgess Smith, Ben Palit, Irene Arrighi, Emily Axelsson and Celina Brar

PICS- Maria Perry

Follow Glitta Glo on insta @glittaglo and check out the website www.glittaglo.com