Fresher proposes to girlfriend on stage at the Music Society ball

She said yes

First year music student Liam Leonard proposed to his girlfriend, second year Alice Wright at the Bristol University Music Society ball last night.

The pair, who both study music went to school together have been together for three years.

Darcy Winter, a first year music student, was at the ball.

She told the Tab: ‘When he got up on the stage after Alice winning ‘most romantic BUM’ I knew something was up. After a while the singers were interrupted and he went straight in with “I’ve spoken to your parents” and got down on one knee.

Everyone was screaming and I could hardly hear what was happening but from the kiss afterwards it had to be a yes!’

Second year Charlotte Davies, a friend of Alice’s told the Tab: ‘It’s so great that this is happening between two of the loveliest people and I’m really happy for them.’

You can watch the video of the proposal here.