Clubbers of the week: Verbier edition

There’s snow way you’re going to want to miss this

Verbier seasonaires organised a safer sex ball style event last week and we got some of the pictures for a special ski edition of everyone’s favourite part of the Tab: Clubbers of the week.

Clubber most in need of a nap

Happiest cultural appropriator of the week

Clubber in the back having an existential crisis

Best love triangle


Clubbers most challenging gender stereotypes

Nah mate you get on MY shoulders

Happiest couple

Creepiest photobomber 

Guy with the best pout

Most appropriate positioning of the Tab logo

Stunners of the week

Girl with the best eyeliner

Guy who just tried out the new brand of Lynx

Girl with the best smelling hair

Most stylish clubbers

Clubbers who need to learn how to use a condom properly 

Part 1

Part 2

Hungriest clubber

Clubbers most happy with the ramped up heating

Credit: Dean Banks Photography