Which Pokemon is your halls of residence?

Gotta catch ’em all

Besides how many times they’re going to go to Lounge this week and where they’re going to get their next meal deal from, a question that inevitably plagues every Freshers mind is which Pokemon represents their halls of residence.

Finally, the troubles of that question can be swept aside as we have decided it for you.

Durdham – Metapod

Boring, depressed and probably dead inside. Metapod literally sits on the floor and does fuck all every day of the week all year. Probably just like Durdham students.

Wills – Meowth

Has an annoying voice, always follows people around, loves money. The average Wills student and Wills itself is embodied perfectly by Meowth, that talking cat thing that always follows around Team Rocket.

Plus, it looks like what a Wills student’s pet might look like: a cat with a gold coin thrust into its forehead.

Churchill – Ditto

Churchill students are the same as Wills students except they at least try to be cool. They’ve got the trust fund, the posh accent and the South East Asia gap year but they dress like they’re homeless in order to fit in.

Ditto also always wants to be something its not.

Badock – Magikarp

Badock students look like they are Grade A fucked up the whole time on a variety of narcotics – just like Magikarp.

Colston Street – Charizard

Always burning things to the ground intentionally or unintentionally, Colston Street is undoubtedly Charizard.

Goldney – Diglet

Let’s be honest, you only picked Goldney because of that fine ass green lawn they’ve got everywhere there. There’s a reason that three inch finely trimmed carpet of wonder is what they talk about most of the time. Sit on it all year round and soak up the sun/rain.

Diglet also loves lawns because he loves dirt. See the similarity? That’s what I thought.

UWE – Muk

Gross, gooey, makes low groaning noises when approached. Muk has no sense of intelligent life inside. He’s just a pile of ooze. A classic UWE student, proud and true.