Colouring books are making a comeback and it’s amazing

Can we bring back nap time too?

There are certain things, without which, a childhood isn’t a childhood. If your potatoes weren’t shaped like smiley faces, if getting scented gel pens wasn’t the highlight of your week, if you didn’t obsess over sticker books and if you didn’t sing along to Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ without properly understanding the lyrics then it’s hard to prove you were ever a child.

However, nothing quite epitomises a childhood experience like the colouring book. And now for some magical reason, someone somewhere (my bet is on the buyers at Urban Outfitters) has decided that they’re cool again.

Me being cool

And they really are. For a few reasons. When you’re watching your fifth consecutive episode of Narcos and realise you haven’t been outside in 24 hours – a little colouring session will help you forget the fact that you’re avoiding your responsibilities, destroying your health and wasting your youth. The colouring book is this generation’s saviour: it’s procrastination without the guilt.

Even if you have actually been productive, after a day in the library staring at a screen pretending to analyse a piece of literature, colouring books are the best way to unwind. Instead of switching on your laptop again and resuming the Netflix binge the colouring book offers a more creative way to relax.

The great thing about colouring in is that, for a few precious moments, the stresses of everyday life somehow disappear. In those delicate moments, the main focus in my mind is quite simply: which colour should I use for the petals on that flower? (I chose green btw).

Being creative

Remember when you were in nursery and you were worried about how you hadn’t quite mastered bladder control yet? Colouring was able to temporarily relieve you of your worries. It has that exact same affect now, just replace ‘bladder control’ with ‘time management’.

As if that isn’t reason enough, as if we need even more encouragement to pick up our colouring pens, these books make for some fantastic Instagram posts.

Here’s something I made earlier

What more could you want?