Exclusive: Promoters are bringing a ‘Safer Sex Ball-style event’ to Verbier

It’ll be bloody freezing


A pub in the upmarket Swiss ski resort, Verbier, is hosting a traffic light safer sex ball-themed event on March 1.

Verbier Seasonaires have confirmed it’s going to be held at the Pub Mont Fort and as per most of the events in Verbier it won’t be ticketed. Entry will be free.

The Safer Sex Ball is notorious as Exeter’s biggest night out (as confirmed by Tatler) mainly because it’s one of the few occasions where the dress code is just underwear and it was banned in 2013 after a video emerged of students “engaging in sexual activity“.

However since then the SSB has returned to Exeter for the past two years to the delight of many students with last year’s event being circus-themed. Now, a different set of promoters have decided to take the idea for the event to Verbier.

Don’t they look delighted?

More information to follow.