Pointless events are the only thing keeping Facebook alive

Facebook is dead, but these pages aren’t


It’s safe to say that for many of us, Facebook is no longer our favourite social media platform. With it being over a decade since its launch, the once unique charms of the site are now available elsewhere.

I can’t deny that, along with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and my online banking account (that I return to every morning hoping that my dire financial situation was just a cruel dream), everyday without fail, I check my Facebook app. But why? Why do we continue to use a site that, since the creation of other favoured apps, has theoretically become obsolete?

We gave up on “poking” one another long ago and I haven’t had a FarmVille request for at least a year. And yet, there are things that exist in the Facebook ether that still have the power to entertain us. Funny people of the Facebook world have created for us ridiculous pages that make Facebook a site worth visiting – and it all began with one man:

Ever since Azeem Ward’s flute recital, the word of Facebook events has never been the same. Thank you Azeem. These events keep the world spinning, they give Facebook a raison d’être.



And that is an order


Asking the important questions

Garlic Bread Appreciation Conference



Must be legit

The Same Photo of Michael Cera Everyday


Nearly 70k people liked this


Hauntingly beautiful


It really does what it says on the tin

If Michael Cera isn’t enough, there’s a Jim Carrey page too.


 Listening to drake and crying


See you in Marvins Room


It was a great success

And last but not least…

Make sangria & drink alone in ur apartment while watching Beans from Even Stevens


The cover photo though


Tears of your enemies sangria

Without pages such as these, Facebook would simply be a monotonous and fruitless scroll of the timeline. So thank you, Facebookers of the world: I can’t wait to see the same photo of Michael Cera again tomorrow.