Somebody sold a box of animal bones on the Clifton and Stoke Bishop tickets group

There’s a lot of weird stuff on there

Notorious Facebook page Clifton and Stoke Bishop Tickets has recently become a hotspot for users selling strange and hilarious things to their local friends.

The page on Facebook has been no stranger to unusual happenings, with people being scammed a few weeks ago into buying fake tickets for an event at Motion. Here are some of the best posts on the page.

A box of bones

User Finbarr Anastasiou is selling a box of old animal remains on the site for the bargain price of £9.


For such a small fee, you could have been the proud owner of these bones along with some snake skin.

The poster at one point stipulated that the bones in question do not actually belong to him, but that he was still open to take viewings for the bones.

However, Fin was able to find a buyer for his bones, even making a £1 profit.

 A Just Jack ticket

This member is looking to buy three tickets for the much anticipated Just Jack night on Friday, and is seemingly ready to pay a lot of money for entry for herself and two other friends.

Please guys

This guy’s dignity

The page is beginning to develop a reputation as a parody of itself, with this user even selling his own dignity for the discount price of £10.

Poor guy

Living on a student budget isn’t easy, so its reassuring to know that such good value is to be had for a persons entire dignity.

 And finally, an Aubergine

Perhaps the worlds most expensive vegetable, this user is selling one aubergine for the eyewatering price of £100,000,000. The worst part? You’ll have to collect it yourself.