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The best of UoB’s Movember moustaches

It is almost time for the boys to get rid of that Tom Selleck disaster on their upper lip so let’s get generous!

With the end of November approaching, it is almost time to say goodbye to that Ned Flanders moustache your boyfriend has been so lovingly grooming for the past month.

However, first we must applaud those who have taken part to raise awareness for such an important cause. So, here are some of the best attempts at UoB for Movember 2018…

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George Hodgson, Nathan Davies, Max Lepage and Matthew Johnson

A Selly Oak Special at this household as these boys have come together to grow those magnificent moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health. George adds that it was also very useful for his Freddie Mercury costume.

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Matt Griffiths

By growing this spectular tash, Matt is trying to raise wareness of the alarmingly high rate of suicide in men. To donate to Matt click here

The University of Birmingham Life Saving Society are trying to raise awareness for men’s health – for the dads, brother, sons and mates in their lives. Here’s some of their fantastic facial hair…

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Patrick Mackie

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Rafael Solomon, Rory Swann, Alfie Pau and Isham Souffi

To donate to Life Saving Society please click here

The School of Engineering Rugby Team are raising awareness for testicular cancer. The team have raised £810 so far, very close to their £1000 target! The team are also hosting a Movember Pub Quiz tonight at 7pm at Leo's bar!

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Samraj Chahal and Mattie Park

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Ryan Murnane, Alex Claxton, Ollie Holley and Oscar Sugden

To donate to these rugby boys click here

The second year Chemistry boys are producing some impressive facial hair to promote awareness of men's health…

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Matt Bradberry

To donate to Matt click here

And the final tash…Charlie Chaplin would be proud

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To donate to Ryan click here

The Movemeber Foundation is a wonderful cause that aims to raise awareness for the health struggles faced by men everyday. For more information on the Movember Foundation click here.