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Everything I will miss about Brum this summer

Old Joe, I miss you already

summer university of birmingham

It's been a crazy year with many ups and downs. From Bran Stark as a fresher to the recent floods that left Selly in chaos, student life in Brum couldn't really get any better and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Here's just some of the things I am going to miss over the summer (and if you haven't experienced these, then get on it next year).


If you are a UoB student and you've never been to Fab, I am seriously questioning why you don't wish to attend the cheesy and packed event that occurs every Saturday at the Guild. Oh how I'll miss the last minute begs for Fab tickets and the horrifying posts on Facebook on Sunday mornings.

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"Help a silly fresher get to Fab" is getting a bit old now, dont we think?

Old Joe

The bongs, the stance and the pure sight of Him. The walk into Uni is just that little bit easier, especially at 9am, when Old Joe towers above in the distance. Over summer, he will be severely missed by all. I think we can all agree on that!

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It was the saddest of times when Old Joe stopped bonging this year

Chicken Shops

Whether its Roosters, Dixies or that takes your fancy, chicken shops are a must stop at the end of the night for UoB students. Forget those Kebabs, it’s all about the chicken in Brum. I don’t know what I'll do when going out over summer without the ease of stopping off on Bristol Road and walking home with my delicious, albeit stodgy, chicken shop delight.

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It's 10/10 not the chicken that gives me a dodgey stomach the next morning….

Teams and Societies

At UoB we have loads of sports teams and societies. They've become our family away from home. Even with the horrors of initiations and the brutality of pres, I will still miss my society pals; although I'm ready to be seniors in September! If you haven’t been a part of a sports or societies family this year… there’s always next year.

Football, Rugby, Hockey – UoB has it all

Friends living five doors down

Having your pals so close is something we all get used to when living in Selly or on the Vale. Over summer, Facetime must take its place. A five hour train journey to see the gal who lived in the room next door just isn't justifiable for a minor (major) boy issue.

Deliveroo, Uber Eats, etc

Having Ed’s Diner, TGI Fridays, Maccies and now GREGGS delivered to your door is one of the things I am personally going to miss the most when going home for the summer. City life means I can be as lazy as I like and get all my faves delivered to me. Unfortunately, the service does not extend to my parents' house. Deliveroo, I will miss you.

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When else would I order a GIANT pizza??

Go Mex

Burritos will 100% be in my heart over summer. Nothing more needs to be said.

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Nights out

I don’t have the pleasure of living in the city and a night out is a big deal where large sums of dolla must be spent on drinks and taxis – making it impossible to go out half as much as I do at uni. Plus, one night stands are basically a no go, my parents would not appreciate that one!

What is life without a cheeky bit of fancy dress

Lab 11

DnB and Techno isn’t something you can find in your local home town clubs. So long Tektu until September, we will be straight there when we are back.

General Freedom

Most of all, I am going to miss the freedom that Uni life offers. No explaining where you’re off to, no curfew, no limits. The ability to eat when you like, go out when you want, play music as late as you like is something that I don't have at home. Nothing compares to that care free vibe UoB holds.

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Don't think my parents would fancy this stuck on their walls…