How to avoid procrastination

Study or Netflix?

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Why do people think when you’re in 3rd year you spend all your time in the library? I’ll tell you why, most people wish it were true for them and they hear that their friends put the library to good use. For a lot of us, motivation is a struggle.

Many students will vouch for the fact that it is near impossible to get out of bed every morning. Your alarm goes off and you press snooze at least three times. Time goes by and suddenly, it’s 2pm and you are still in bed on a weekday when you know you should be working.

What is the cure for too much procrastination? There are many remedies. We wake up, potter downstairs and get ourselves a hearty breakfast (or maybe a bowl of junkfood that should really be reserved for Sunday) and plonk ourselves infront of our laptops ready for our favourite show to begin.


Be realistic, make sure you watch some of your unmissable shows on Netflix but make time for your work too. Treat season six of Gossip Girl or 90210 for your detoxing downtime after a full day of revision. Nothing will stop you from being with your beloved virtual boyfriend, Netflix. But remember, studying will ensure you a good degree and hopefully a decent paying job, enough for you to pay the Netflix bill.

Hey, wanna Netflix and chill


The body is a temple and the mind needs some TLC. Go for a little walk when the work load gets tough or maybe try out the new gym that finally opened.

Tasty food reserves

When the work load gets tough, you’ve got to treat yourself.  Maybe bars after bars of Milka to boost your energy levels or a cheeky midnight roosters after a long day of essay writing. Indulge your tastebuds. Maybe try and begin that career as a Michelin star chef and treat your housemates to the most delish of the delish, Spag Bol a la procrastination. Seriously though, let’s try and remember that we actually need to get some work done this year. Stay strong, friends.


It’s something your mum has told you so many times before. Don’t hate yourself every morning for going to bed at 3:41am every single night. It is definitely the reason you feel guilty the next day. No work is done, no Pythagoras will be learnt nor Shakespeare quotes remembered. By 11pm the next day, you’re ready to repeat the dreaded cycle again. Don’t do it, you haven’t wasted the last three years at university to watch every Friends series, you came here to get a degree. Defeating this unwanted spell of procrastination can be done. Just go to bed, it’s that easy.

There is a cure for procrastination. Essentially, it’s all in our heads and it’s up to us to sort out just how many hours we need to spend in front of Netflix. Working all day and Netlfix in the evening is certainly the best solution.