Lost cat waiting to be reunited with owner on Hubert Road

He was found near bins on Hubert Road last night

cat Hubert Road missing cat selly selly oak the tab

Around 9pm on Hubert Road last night, a mysterious cat was found trying to eat plastic packaging that had fallen out of the bins.

UOB student, Serena Soobadoo posted on the ‘Fab N Fresh’ Facebook page earlier today about the lost cat in an attempt to reunite the cat with its owner.

The message said: “Found a possibly lost cat on Hubert Road last night, if you can describe him to us you can have him back.”

An adorable picture of the cat sleeping

Serena told The Tab how her mate was the one to come across the lost cat in Selly. She said: “My friend is the one who got him out of the bins and it is at his house currently.”

“He says the cat seems very friendly and has behaved so nice for the moment. Cute until he does a poo lol.”

Serena added: “If no one claims the cat they would like to keep it.”

But for now, Serena is keen to see the Hubert Road cat back with its owner.

If you have any information about the cat, please get in touch with The Tab or Serena to help to reunite the cat with his rightful owner.